One of the girls was leaving at THE WHITEPEPPER last week so we decided to go out and celebrate. We booked a place that the team used to frequent daily before they moved offices, just by Bethnal Green called Hurwundeki. Now I've never had Korean (I've only recently ticked off Thai and Vietnamese, *cough* always sticks to Italian *cough*) so I was intrigued to say the least. Built under the railway lines as everything seems to be in East London, we went into what seemed to be a tiny greenhouse/hairdressers, only to be surrounded by crumbling brickwork, a concoction of smells and steam, with mismatched chairs and gaudy chandeliers.

I loved it.

There was a slight confusion with seats etc as there was a lot of us, and as I was trying to decide what to order (whilst everyone unpacked their wine, it was BYOB, tick!) they simply ordered everything to share. This came to Jeon (crispy pancakes), Mandu (dumplings) Topokki (squidgy rice cakes) and Japche (glass noodles). I even went for the Bibimbap (rice, veg and noodles) for a main.


And man. I wasn't even hungry when I went in but I can't say how delicious it was. My main was so-so but the starters.....mmm MMM! The glass noodles were so full of flavour and the Topokki were a beautiful texture with so many flavours that I couldn't distinguish.

Whilst the place was tiny, it has an amazing atmosphere, some of the best Korean food I've ever had (or ever, for that fact) and is just the cutest little place in East London.

I may need to do a whole "Where to eat in East London" at this rate, what are your thoughts?