My abs haven't been working very hard recently and I wanted my old buns of steel back, so thought the #BloggersGetHulaFit run by Lauren from Blonde Vision and Anna with HulaFit was the perfect way to try and get it back again. And come on, a class purely of hula hooping? What fun!

It was based in Notting Hill so managed to have a little nosey around (and stupidly gorge on falafels and chocolate muffins just before the class) before heading to the Tabernacle. It was a great location and getting there pretty early meant meeting a few other bloggers as well as some tips whilst looking on at the different sized hoops in unadulterated fear.


The next hour passed in a blur of normal hula hooping, reverse hooping (going the other way is like trying to write with your left hand: you look ridiculous and moronic), hooping whilst jumping or squating, some aerobic drills of lunges, burpees and runs, as well as learning tricks such as using your bum or neck, and using just your hand or finger to spin it.

You had the choice of a heavier one for ultimate buns of steel a la Sarah Connor in The Terminator, or a slightly lighter but much glitzier lighter hoop. I went for the lighter one purely because the heavier bruised my ribs and hips almost instantly. Damn bony body.





Either way, it was an amazing, high pumping class that got everyone laughing, jumping, dancing and absolutely wrecked. Thank god we got our pictures sorted before as we all looked a state by the end of it. And my hips are bruised like nobodies business but all I know is that hula hooping for fitness is in my top three ways of exercising along with Zumba and ahem other extra - curricular activities... Soon I'll be able to crush a coke can with my stomach muscles. If I ever wanted to.

Thanks to Lauren at Blonde Vision for organising it and Hula Fit for the fabulous event