Holiday packing guide

The day finally arrives when that holiday feeling really hits, after weeks of waiting and most likely dieting and exercising and you get around to packing, or in my case, cramming in everything you'll need. But what do you need for a week away in a hot country? These are a few holiday packing guidelines that I try to follow.



I try and take about the half the amount for the days I'm there, just in case one is ruined or wet and you can't be bothered to wash them. However whilst I've whittled it down to these two so far, I'm sure another couple will end up creeping in, 'just in case'. Keep them bright and fun because where else can you be bold and bright? 






One thing I always try to do is make sure I can match them all to each other, so keep them all similar colours or shades. Otherwise you'll end up with mismatching things that end up with you panicking in what to wear. A trusty pair of denim shorts is always a must, but otherwise mix and match your strappy tees and shirts, as well as a trusty playsuit to cover up on the beach. You can hardly go wrong with stripes and florals can you?



Back in the day when I had lovely long hair before a moment of madness, I wouldn't need any hair appliances: just a quick towel dry and salt spray and I was free to go. But with shorter hair which I admit my hairdresser completely butchered, I have to straighten it to within an inch of its life so I don't look like a Stepford wife. So if you're the lucky ones who don't need to take them, I envy you. Otherwise, the typical phone and camera charger are all you need (and don't forget the adaptor!)



Yes, we all know it isn't a fashion show and most of the time you'll be too hot to think of putting anything extra on top of you. But when you have that spur of the moment night out, where better than to throw on a few pieces of eclectic jewellery! And a headband is never amiss when you're hair is soaking up all that suncream like nobodies business and looks disgusting.



Along with everything else, you need the basics; money, passport, trusty sunglasses, beach towel and suncream. Don't forget things to bring things to pass the time such as your favourite book and a pack of cards which have really got me through arduous journeys.


Throw in your toiletries and your flip flops and you're all done! Safe travel peeps!