Holiday bag essentials

One of life's greatest challenges is condensing everything from your huge day bag in the UK to a teeny tiny travel bag when on holiday. I may not need my diary, complex make-up bag and dozens of water bottles, but I struggle to really condense it for what I do need when abroad. Bar the typical phone, camera and money, these are some of the things I think you always need when exploring new cities.


Seeing as I'm a typical British lass, my trusty Nivea sun creamis a must. Slathering it on my freckly shoulders and face as no matter what I do, I always burn, And I hate being that person saying 'can I borrow your suncream even though it's hideously overpriced all the time?'

I also love getting a new fragrancewhen I go on holiday, as it means it will always remind you of that time. My beautiful yet discontinued Matthew Williamson perfume always reminds me of being at the top of a mountain in Spain, summers and summers ago. This Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue was gifted to me from the Cosmo girls and what better smell than for a hot holiday to Greece?

A few seasons ago, Jeepers Peepers gifted me some sunglasses and I've never fallen for a pair as much as I have with these. I have sat on them, dropped them and lost them on many occasions but they always find their way back to me, and for that I'm treating them with some sunshine in Corfu.

And what better place than to write my notes and thoughts than in the beautifully printed stationary from Paperchase which the WHITEPEPPER girls gave me as a leaving present. I've saved it for a special occasion and I think this may be it!

Otherwise the usual bits of odd-bod jewellery pieces I've amassed from travels, along with emergency nail varnish and passport, and you're all set to see the cities of unexplored countries.