Holiday books

I worry that people will one day stop taking books on holiday in favour of the kindle, giving you endless amounts of reading material for only a small thing. But you can never get that feeling of holding a book as you float on a lilo, or getting it smeared with sun tan lotion as it goes wrinkly so that the next time you read it, it reminds you of your last holiday.


So I will always take a book with me no matter how much the kindle takes over. I only ever want easy holiday reading so I've picked three books that will keep me company for a week in Corfu.

Always the Bridesmaid, Lindsey Kelk

I haven't had the chance to read this yet but being an avid lover of her I Heart series (for anyone who loves reading about cities like New York and Las Vegas) and The Single Girls To Do List (a must read pick me up for the newly dumped). And her new series follows Maddie as she battles being a bridesmaid, handling bridezillas and dealing with her newly divorced friend. I can't wait to dive into this and fall in love with another one of her characters.


Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson

Anyone who loves travel and is fascinated by different cultures would have to have been living under a rock if they hadn't ever read a Bill Bryson book. I've loved his writing ever since doing my A Levels on a story of his regarding how American's drive everywhere, even to the gym. It's one of those you can dip in and out of and talks of his life back in the USA and his bafflement about how they live their lives. It never gets old for me and makes me giggle quietly to myself on a sun lounger.


The Shakespeare Secret, J L Carrell

I'll admit I'm a bit of a Shakespeare nerd, as I love not only his writing but the age old debate of 'Did Shakespeare exist as one person?'. But this murder mystery is a modern tale, so even those who never enjoyed Shakespeare at school can embrace it. The murders in the book emulate the deaths in the plays, from drowning like Ophelia to stabbing like Polonius. You'll be completely gripped by this clever concept and come out with your Shakespeare knowledge enriched.


So from a romance, travel and murder mystery, I think I've covered all territories for the perfect beach reads. Are there any books you can't go on holiday without?