Every woman has experienced one of those heart-sinking moments as they sit in a chair and look in a mirror, having had what will always be referred to as That Awful Haircut, when you try not to cry and for the next 6 months pin it back with numerous kirby grips to fix the damage. This was me earlier this year. So when I bit the bullet and realized I needed to fix my hair, dreading it was an understatement.

I chose Headmasters after a recommendation of price and experience, choosing a standby appointment which means going in or ringing early in the morning for any cancellation appointments that are a cheaper price of only £28 for women. Luckily for me, the one on Oxford Circus is two doors down from my office so I could spend my lunch break in there.


The stylist I was given was Alana, who instantly welcomed me, asked if I wanted any drink (I declined but already bonus points) and sat me down to have a chat about what I wanted.

This is the bit that really stood out for me, as so many just get straight to it, but she spoke to me about what I wanted exactly, in style, length, and even my hair itself in its damage (none) and ends (slightly dry), as well as mentioning the butchered layers I’d been trying to grow out from my previous salon nightmare.

After this, I was taken over to the chairs for a hair wash, and given a swanky gown (no backless sheets that most places have!) for a chair with a massaging back, foot stool and head massage whilst she washed my hair with posh salon products. Is there any better feeling or smell than expensive products as you have your hair rubbed?

After that, we went over to the Dreaded Chair. Instead of being snip happy and destroying my months of work at growing my hair out, she was happy to trim my hair only a few inches off, basically fixing the layers and making the ends look healthy again, as well as taking my fringe cut a bit at a time, which is always the traumatic part for me.

She even took on board that I don’t love my hair straightened like most salons, as it looks limp and lifeless, so took great detail in blow drying it with volume and chatting to me about the products she was using.

By the end of it, I came out with the softest hair I’ve ever had, feeling uber gorgeous and actually happy with how it looked, as opposed to telling myself ‘maybe it will look better when I’ve washed it…’

Alana was so kind and bubbly, and having all of that for £28, nearly an hours sessions as well as a discount offered for bringing friends along, Headmasters is my new joint that I’ll be raving to anyone who listens.

I left feeling super sassy as I skipped down the street with my trimmed and oh-so-glossy hair, finally happy that after 23 years, I’ve found my salon!

Thanks so much to Alana and the Headmasters team!