Glastonbury 2014

So of course I was lucky enough to go to Glastonbury this year! Whilst I was there to work with Oxfam, It's been on my bucket list to go for so long. The only other festival I'd been to was Reading when I was younger but it was cold, people were fighting and it was generally miserable. Glastonbury, however, is more of an event than just a music festival.


We arrived on the Tuesday, a day before everyone else and were blown away by the sheer size and colour of it all. It was beautifully hot and so empty that we wandered around to explore the area. With painted flagpoles, obscene stalls and huge stages, it was amazing how easy it was to get swept up in it all (and despite it raining and being the synonymous British sludge, barely tarnished how stunning the festival in its entirety that it is.)

Throughout the week we survived on free meals, paella, churros and self-blended smoothies, and got to see some amazing acts. The multi-culturalness of the festival means you can get any cuisine, any music, and even experiences from massages to reiki readings, and has everyone from young teenagers to older families and children who have been coming for years.


The first act of the week was a mystery act and turned out to be Kaiser Chiefs (with Ricky Wilson looking a lot like Gary Barlow), followed by Blondie, followed by a new band called Jungle that I'd already see in Nottingham.

The next few days were a blur of stewarding but we got the chance to also see Charli XCX, Haim and the amazing Kasabian! Whilst I'm constantly listening to music at work at home, seeing it live doesn't do it justice and even songs you didn't love before, will change your mind when you see them in the flesh.