Franco Manca

Pizza is the go-to food in my life. Having the girls over for dinner, celebration for a new job, lining your stomach for a pre-drinks party; its the perfect comfort food. So any time I eat out, it has a lot to live up to as I can't stand a bland, soggy or dull pizza. By chance, I'd heard of Franco Manca and after exploring Brixton with my sister, decided to get down to it and give it as taste at Brixton Market.

What we thought would be ages to sit due to the queues (queues, for pizza?!) We sat down rather quickly in a tiny covered section of the market, with the smell of Italian herbs and oil wafting around, and everyone from young professionals to older couples all squeezed in. As soon as my chosen Gloucester Old Spot Ham, Mozzarella, Buffalo, Ricotta, Wild Mushroom pizza arrived, I was in heaven.


Freshly stone baked, it has a gorgeous crust and charcoaled base which has so much flavour in itself that I just wanted to gorge on the carby goodness by itself. And with the mix of gorgeous thin ham and tasty mushrooms with rich buffalo cheese, I genuinely can't believe its the same price as a gourmet pizza in a supermarket and who wants to cook that when you can have authentic pizza cooked right in front of you? And you can even get a takeaway, or a salad, and despite there only being a few choices, you are still torn as they all sound delicious.

With branches all around London, I already know where I'll be headed for a quick yet moreish dinner. My only regret is not getting a second one to take home with me. I may be a glutton but for Franco Marca, I would happily sink into a tomatoey, doughy food coma.