Flamingo croquet


When asked to attend the newest pop up on the streets of Hackney this week involving flamingo croquet and delicious raspberry liqueur Chambord, I was hardly going to say no was I?

In celebration of Alice in Wonderlands 150th birthday, this pop up on the roof of Proof at London Fields promised cocktails, canapés and croquet so we eagerly headed up to drink and play a game none of us had ever played in our lives.


To start with, we had two delicious drinks of Chambord Royale and Chapter Eight cocktail with the latter tasting of love hearts which definitely went down quickly (and ironically with the Queen of Hearts being the iconic character). Sitting in sheltered huts and surrounded by flowers is the only way to drink super sweet cocktails with friends, obviously. This was also supplemented by mini burgers from Le Bun, which had confit duck or goats cheese, and a Chambord infused slaw.

But onto the croquet! My hockey days came out and we had to grab our mallets and hammer the balls through the small arches, with features such as golden pineapples and cocktail shakers as reference points. My competitive side came out resulting in me knocking the gold ball so far that it fell off the roof, resulting in us and the women racing to check I hadn't killed anyone (I hadn't). Otherwise, the event was a fun way to spend a surprising mild autumn evening and even came away with a minutiae bottle of Chambord to remember the evening with.

Thanks to Proof and Chambord for a gorgeous evening of games and giggles with friends