The girls at Cosmopolitan spoilt me a treat when I left and one of things I was most excited about in my bag of goodies was the Elemis body oil, something I had always walked past and lusted after as the smell followed me through the Debenhams beauty section.

The oil hardens over time but nothing a quick soak in a warm bowl of water doesn't fix. The smell of frangipani is delightfully summer and not too overpowering which I always find is the way with most fragrances. You can use it on pretty much anything, but I found it worked best on my hair and legs. The tips of my hair had been getting a bit damages so a quick rubbing in of the oil made them the softest they'd ever been.


And the oil for my legs which have been increasingly dry lately (damn weird transeasonal weather) worked wonders: it glided on and soaked in so quickly that I'm going to have to start using this stuff sparingly as it fast becomes my new favourite. If you ever feel like you need a spa treatment but can't afford it or find the time, simply light a few candles and invest in this body oil as your 'treat' after a hard day to feel completely revitalised.

Has anyone else ever tried it and fallen in love?