Draughts game cafe

Cafes no longer seem to just be the place you go in for a quick cup of coffee when you can't be bothered to make it yourself at home. The laziness has now expanded to a cereal cafe, a porridge cafe, even a crisp sandwich cafe. However one of the longest standing niche cafes is the board game cafe. Having started in Canada (Snakes and Lattes) and then my hometown Oxford (Thirsty Meeples) it finally came to London in the shape of Draughts in Haggerston.


With my new job being next door to the cafe, it was inevitable that I would eventually try it, especially since we were the kind of family who grew up with Boggle and Upwords. The concept is that you pay £5 per person to go in, but you can play as many games and stay as long as you want. You can also order snacks, drinks and alcoholic beverages; a few beers are sure to bring out your competitive side. We decided to try the mezze board and the halloumi and pesto focaccia bread whilst we decided on a game, and for a cafe whose selling point isn't the food, it was really surprisingly delicious.

Whilst the board game pro may decide to go up to the back and pick a game out for himself in a cocky 'I can handle this board game decision', we asked for their opinion which they are more than happy to help with. For a two person, fairly simple game, we ended up playing Snatch, a word game where you basically 'snatch' people's words, followed by King of Tokyo, complicated to get into but at the end of the day, just trying to destroy the other character be it Godzilla or 'Meka Dragon'. I obviously lost both times but I didn't take it too personally. Whilst it may be a slightly expensive night out, it's worth it purely for the overwhelmingly nice Board Game Enthusiasts (ie the servers) who will sit down with you until you understand the premise, and for the novelty of having every game at your fingers. Anyone for a game of Mario Chess?