Crumbs & Doilies

As part of mine and fellow eater Caleb's London Cake Crawl 2015, first on our list was Crumbs & Doilies. Located just off Carnaby street, it's a little girls dream of pinks, chocolate cakes and all round saccharine delights.

Spoilt for choice I thought I was going to cry from all the delightful treats. Why not mash a brownie with rice crispies and marshmallows? Or jazz up a chocolate cupcake with a Mexican twist? As Caleb tested, it had a zing to it without being too overwhelming. Of course I went for a Cookies & Cream mini cupcake, my kryptonite and holy mother of all things chocolatey it was delish. Like a bite of Oreo with a cake, yet moist and all round nom.


Next on my list is the Snickers bar, and maybe even a cup of coffee to wash it all down with. We even got chatting to the ladies behind and found out the people before us had been on a Cupcake Tour?? So that's a thing, and definitely being done next time.

We fell in love with the pink tiles, multicoloured decorated drops of heaven and the cute little view into Kings Road, tucked away from bustling London with just the smell of sugar and chocolate wafting through. If you need me, I'll be spending my lunches here from now on.