Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show

In case you weren't aware, Fifty Shades Of Grey is out this weekend. Whilst I'm not ecstatic about this, I am happy that it breeds events such as the Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show which I was lucky enough to go to last night. It promised 'exclusive big-brand discounts and catwalk show to discover the most stylish lingerie trends of the season' so after a quick dash from work and a spruce up in the nearby McDonalds, we queued outside the Bloomsbury ballroom. Having never heard of the place, we didn't realise how beautiful it was with large ceilings and beautiful art Deco designs. So we piled through, grabbed our free drinks token and went eagerly down the rose petal strewn stairs and were greeted with pretty bras and naked men.

As we went through, there were events such as nail bars and hair plaiting services where you could pick a design of eight styles, with one including 'the Katniss'. It also had lingerie stations such as, Freya and with the charity Coppa Feel. With all of them giving out goodie bags, our arms slowly started to get laden down with luxury items. And of course at the Coppa Feel station, what kind of journalist would I be if I didn't get a free photo with the topless men? Of course the charity is a great one and their new campaign to get 'Coppa feel' labels sewn into all bras to remind women to check themselves is amazing.


As we steadily got drunk on our super strong cocktails and weak with carrying so many bags, we went through to the ballroom to wait for the catwalk. Whilst there, my two favourite brands Wonderbra and Blubella were doing fittings and competitions, so it was a happy wait. If you haven't heard of Bluebella, they do gorgeous slinky underwear that isn't expensive yet not cheap looking. When we finally went in, we were lucky enough to get seats at the front and ate our delicious canapés whilst we waited, something we leapt on after skipping dinner.

Cosmo's fashion editor introduced the show and then Kris Hallenga, the founder of Coppa Feel came on to talk about the charity. I fell in love with her not only because she apologised for being late after flying back from Paris which is 'a bit wanky' but because she was so gorgeous yet was telling us how she had been diagnosed with breast cancer at a 23, which has spread to her spine. Yet she was so energetic and bouncy, you couldn't really feel sorry for her because she didn't feel sorry for her. But it was a good message before the catwalk and I definitely went home and looked more of the charity up.


But on with the show and the next half an hour was inspired by different themes such as Pretty Pink or After Dark, my favourite few were Bluebella of course. It had a great soundtrack as well with a remix of Sia's Chandelier and Daft Punk's Lucky as well. As the event drew to a close we left for our final goodie bag and late night KFC and if you were wondering whether the event was worth it despite the lingerie, cocktails and flirty half naked men, then this is some of the things in our goodie bag.


(from left: Surf cuddly toy, apple, Quick Fix face mask, sweets, Surf tablets, Freya night slip, Bourjois lipstick and cream blusher, Hair Tools hairbrush, Katie Piper book, Sienna X Bronzing mouse, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Coco de Mer bath milk, Freya knickers, Wonderbra knickers, Bluebella chocolat, Gatineau face cream, fudge, body lotion, Nair body wax, Bijoux vibrator, Vaseline, Bourjois nail varnish, Nailberry)

Thanks Cosmo for putting on such a fab event, lets do it again sometime