Cosmopolitan x Baileys

Having already been to one successful Cosmopolitan event with their Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie show in February, I could hardly turn down another could I? This time around it was a Pampering evening with Baileys, promising beauty parlours and delectable canapes and cocktails.

Heading up into the Oxo tower already sets you in the mood for a fun evening, as it's a stunning building with such an overwhelming view of London and the Thames, that I could have stared at that all evening. However there were cocktails to be drunk, so we quickly headed to the bar for a 'Baileys birthday shot' (baileys shot, whipped cream and sprinkles) which was deliciously strong, and a glass of yummy champagne to wash it down with. They even had a photobooth to play around in which we abused way too many times.


However the mingling was only the beginning and after a quick introduction to the event, we were informed that the pampering parlour was through the double doors behind you. When you tell women that free beauty sessions are close, chaos ensues. Heels tripping, precious wine being split and running like they'd been told a designer sample sale was selling things at 90% off, it was crazy. Luckily we were positioned well so escaped the crowd and decided what to go for. There was a Nella Milano Nail bar, Milk_Shake Hair salon, Eye Brow waxes and Beauty bars courtesy of Benefit, a St Moriz Tanning salon, French skincare Guinot booth and a cocktail making session, we were spoilt for choice!


I went for the eyebrow waxing as the other things I'd only ruin or wash out by the end of the evening, and my eyebrows needed some fixing up. The queues were pretty insane and knew this may be our only beauty treatment, but it was worth it. I'm used to waxing so it wasn't painful at all, and the effects of it means I couldn't strop stroking my eyebrows for the rest of the evening. They even gave tips of where to wax and the shape to go for which was actually really useful for a beauty novice like me.


Otherwise we spent the rest of the evening eating delicious canapés of Baileys infused chocolates and cheesecakes, and managed to get around to making a Baileys Flat Martini: strong but super delicious. And what with leaving with a fabulous goody bag as usual, it was the perfect way to spend an evening. Being pampered and getting tiddly with a view of London and fabulous company: what more can a girl ask for in the city?