As you all know (mainly because I haven’t stopped rabbiting on about it), I’ve been working at Cosmopolitan for the last six months. I started as an intern then went on to to help them organise their prestigious Ultimate Women Awards. Sadly this means that as the event draws to a close, so does my contract. It’s been such an amazing experience that nothing can compare to.I’m a weird mix of gutted and excited. I’ve loved being in the office, with some of the funniest, weirdest and kindest people, made use of the freebies and perks as well as been a part of one of the most iconic women’s magazines there are. But I’m also excited to take a different path, as going to all of those events means I’ve figured out that whilst I still enjoy journalism, I also love the PR and social media side of the job. So who knows where I will end up next but all I can say is that I'm genuinely sad to have left my dream job and such a fun, exciting office.


And just some of the thing's I've done: playing croquet on the rooftop, bars on a rooftop, cooking with Kimberly Wyatt, being on the friends set for Friendsfest, being behind the scenes of FashFest, going to the Playboy club, all of the freebies and sample sales, meeting my fashion idol Matthew Williamson, having my face and name in the magazine, experiencing another rooftop fairytale with Queen of Hoxton, cheeky pampering sessions with Boohoo blow dry bars and Clinique buses, and of course everything to do with the Ultimate Women awards, both behind the scenes and meeting the fabulous winners.


It’s been a crazy six months, and here are just some of most weird and wonderful things I got to do during my time as well as most likely putting on a half a stone with the copious amounts of cupcakes and doughnuts.

So if any of you readers ever get to work or even intern at Cosmopolitan, just know you’ll be one of the luckiest people there are as I’ve met some of the best and fabulous in the industry that I know I’ll stay in contact with in the future.