Camden Beach

We can do everything on a rooftop; eat, drink, dance, do yoga, play croquet, but my favourite? Sitting on a beach with a brewksy, which is where Camden Beach fit right in.

Being in the city means you sometimes miss the seaside and need that break. Whilst they can’t do much about the sea part, who doesn’t love pulling up a deck chair and yanking off their sandals for some glorious sand fun?

I don’t head to Camden much, mainly because a) tourist trap much? And b) it’s just a bit far for me to venture despite hearing about some great nights out and bars there. However finding Camden Beach is worth the trip, even if we got slightly confused as to how to go up.


Now as with anything in London; be prepared to fight for a seat. Luckily we were happy to perch on the sand for a bit and when seeing a couple leave, quickly ask if we could have their vacated chairs. Obliging, we got our ciders and settled in. The view over London is pretty spectacular but if you fancy a classier evening, you can rent some of the most adorable beach huts for you and your friends which come with some added extras. Otherwise the choice of cocktails and street food vendors which we had on offer was enough to please anyone, and you'll end up spending way too long deciding on what to pick. One thing to take note of? Making a fool of yourself as you walk with sandy feet to the bathroom that's within the building, so be careful of that...


But who doesn’t love a cider and the sand beneath their feet without having to leave the city?

It's now open again and whilst the sun isn't quite out yet, just give it time and one things for sure; I’ll be racing you to the deckchair.