Brighton food spots

Despite being a busy bee with attending fashion shows and writing till god knows when in the morning (it's a hard life), my days were free for exploring and discovering shops and cafes in Brighton! Sadly I had missed the good weather so was welcomed with rain and wind (exactly like Plymouth. Goddammit) but the atmosphere more than made up for it. Whilst being as exciting as London, it never feels as crowded and is a lot more open and friendlier. There are always two places I go to in Brighton: Lick and Tiger.

Lick is the best and cheapest frozen yoghurt there is, and I cannot resist getting it at least once when I am there. Strawberry flavoured with dark chocolate chips. And Tiger, whilst isn't local to Brighton is like the cheap Ikea and I can never resist buying some cheap tat.

However, the one thing I have to do each time is go to Pompoko. Basically a Wags for Brighton, but cheaper, smaller and so much nicer. I would consider moving to Brighton just for this. Of course, with Sale season slowly starting, I also had some cheap spending in the high street. Got to love stocking up the wardrobes with basics!


However, the best part of exploring was finding Bills. A restaurant set in an industrial warehouse, I couldn't stop staring at the interior. Steel girders, exposed brick, hanging slate menus, tie dyed fishermen's nets; beautiful and exactly what I would put in my dream flat. The food was also some of the best food I have ever tasted. Even better? Apparently waiting half an hour for food isn't acceptable at Bills, so received 50% off our bill! As much as I really need to relocate to London, I was so disillusioned with it during my internship that I would honestly consider moving to Brighton. Beautiful, spacious and an amazing environment, I fell in love with it all over again.