Brick Lane vintage

Last week I headed to London to see my sister and to attend the Company Fashion Forum event. Oh, and go vintage shopping of course!

I put out a last minute question on Twitter about where to head to, and the suggestions were Holloway Road and Brick Lane. Holloway Road was slightly disappointing as the few shops I was told about were shut so I went straight to Brick Lane.


Whilst having been numerous times, it never ceases to amaze me how busy yet friendly it is. So this post is going to be image heavy, otherwise I would spend hours chatting away about each individual shop! These are the ones I managed to visit and Vintage With Love in particular was so welcoming and was so cheap. I had my eye on an old army parka jacket for £29 but never got round to buying it.

What I did manage to procure was some black ankle boots from Vintage With Love which are in surprisingly good condition and have a slight Victorian feel to them. I also bought a new satchel from Vintage Store as mine has sadly had it's day. For £12 it has enough room for my books for university and has a paisley pattern. Bang on trend, no? All in all this only made my decision to move to London next year all the more solid! So if you are ever about, always always head to Brick Lane. Definitely a place for the student.