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Last week I foolishly signed up to three different fitness events by accident. So I prepared my poor body for spinning at  Core Collective, the 1Rebel Reshape class and Body by Simone's exercise class. I've reviewed each one so you know which is best for your fitness regime and just how I got on (i.e. how I barely survived).

Core Collective

First out, this place is gorgeous. This tucked away gym in Kensington boasts three styles of classes; Velocity, Accelerate and Resistance. which I sampled with Eyeko last Tuesday. Before I even went in I was blown away by the friendly open area at the front for snacks and smoothies, the beautiful changing rooms with GHD's and hairspray as well as luxury showers and complimentary towels.

The actual spinning, I can say is completely amazing if you love spinning as it has pumping tunes and the instructors are amazing, along with the state of the art bikes. Unfortunately I had to pull out after five minutes with a knee injury as I really shouldn't be cycling at all let alone at that intensity. For first time spinners, I'd steer clear until you'd had a few lessons as it's a hardcore sesh but for avid cyclers, this is the class that all other spinning classes aspire to be.

Check out their gym and classes here



Come Thursday, I tested out the 1Rebel gym courtesy of an Instyle event. Now I'd been wanting to try out the place for a ridiculously long time, and was ecstatic to get a chance to. Walking in, you see super buff gym bunnies wandering around and really happy staff at the desk (that's the endorphins for you) with even more free smoothies and snacks at the front front. They have a choice of two: Ride (for spinners) and Reshape. Seeing as I had failed at spinning before, we went for Reshape. 

Now I can safely say that if you want a strong body fast, this is for you. With ten minute intervals, you run and sprint on the treadmill, then swap to open work with burpees, planks, ball work and crunches. Then you swap back again. And again. And then you use their ‘dynamo’ setting on the treadmill when it only moves if you run. Alongside pumping Black Eyed Peas and the happiest trainer I’d ever met, it was a real burn but something for people if you find workouts boring and need fast results. You can even scrawl on the bricks how many sessions you’d been to (when in doubt, quote Mean Girls) to keep yourself motivated. I’m definitely signing up, even if it’s just for the copper lockers.

Check out the 1Rebel gym online


Body by Simone

On Saturday, it was my final event which was a fitness event I’d won with Women’s Health, a class at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch (what a view!) with New York trainer Simone. She’s what you’d expect from an ex-dancer, LA girl: little, energetic, blond and a body to die for. However her Body by Simone classes and mantra are nothing to laugh about and consist of dance routines and aerobic exercises.

Again, they were ten minute sessions of different target areas, such as a ten minute cardio followed by leg workouts, then ab workouts. The butt workouts in particular I’ll be taking home with me as I could barely stand the next day and are perfect for blasting the cellulite. She was the cutest thing ever and with a complimentary and surprisingly delicious charcoal and lemon juice, I didn’t even care that I looked like I’d jumped in a pool I was so sweaty.

Despite not yet hitting London, check out her site for videos and tips to do at home



For me, the one I felt I got the most out of was Simone’s amazing classes. I love a good dance and aerobic work out because the high intensity means you burn a lot but just as you start to crash, you change setting and stop it from getting boring. I came out completely drenched, with muscle I didn’t know existed aching so I fell in love with the tiny blond's workout straight away. However her classes haven’t yet hit London (despite her trying hard to!) so I may have to get a gym membership out with 1Rebel. Whilst Core Collective have a beautiful set up, gorgeous and friendly trainers and state of the art equipment, I felt it was slightly repetitive for me. At 1Rebel, whilst I wanted to die a few minutes in, got me in the mood with the banging tunes and switch around techniques.

Thanks to Eyeko, InStyle and Women’s Health for the fab opportunities

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