Ben Howard

So this is a little throwback to last summer, something that was so fleeting in a time of madness that I never got the chance to talk about it! I was lucky enough to win a twitter competition with River Island, including an amazing ASUS tablet + laptop in one, as well as tickets to see Ben Howard at The Eden Project. Having gone to university in Plymouth, the Eden Project was one of my favourite places to visit and Ben Howard was someone we always played when revising or relaxing in our dorms, and someone you could that played in the local joints and Student Union.

The only problem was making it down on the Friday, seeing him that evening and then making it back the following morning for 10am. Pff, easy when living in London, the great capital city!

So after a quick train ride to Exeter, jumping in the car with a friend who was happily exchanging his evening to drive us there for my spare ticket, we were there on a gorgeous summer evening ready for a chilled session of beautiful music.


He's one of those performers who isn't a big presence on stage, nor does he fuss with amazing effects and acts. As a local boy from Totnes, he simply performs his songs with such heart that they remind you just how beautiful the lyrics are, and his seven-piece band behind him enjoying it just as much as they constantly jammed together.

With some of his stunning tracks like Keep Your Head Up and The Wolves being the soundtrack to my university days, I'd forgotten just how melodic it could be with his tunes, the sun and a perfect evening in the countryside.

What I do know is that this Brit winner is the soundtrack to my summer and feel so lucky to have seen him live in such an intimate venue that is close to my heart.

Thanks to River Island and ASUS for inviting me!