Bedroom tour

Who can believe it's October already? This time last year I was chilling in New Zealand, having no experience, no flat, no job and most definitely running away from real life. Fast forward a year and I have internships under my belt, a dream job and a gorgeous first house in London. Humble brag I know, but after many breakdowns, lack of money and general feelings of depression and some damned hard work, I feel I've earned it, y'know?

And for all that the Metro screams 'look what £1500 a month buys you, A BROOM CUPBOARD' I think I've landed a pretty nifty pad for super cheap, seeing as journalists aren't paid much (budding journalists: remember that). Yes I may be in Zone 3, but Streatham is still super easy to get in from, surrounded by parks and where else could I get this bedroom (ensuite I might add) for under £600 a month? Say hello to my first grown up room! And yes that is a double wardrobe you see there. Oh how I will have fun filling it.


With a view over Streatham, a train line that is surprisingly soothing (as long as I remember to shut my curtains when changing; hi commuters, see my boobs!) and a big house that is tucked away from a main road and some hilarious housemates who are already friendly enough to take the pish out of me regularly, it couldn't get much better. From my copper hangers from Primark, my Urban Outfitter candles and my rose-gold jewellery box from H&M, it's the little bits that make me finally feel like I have a place of my own.