Albion cafe

The name 'Albion' always reminds me of older times and Merlin folklore. A quick google gave me the definition of 'a literary term of Britain, referring to ancient or historical times'. So heading into this cafe I was expecting wizards and warlocks perhaps playing chess or reading great literature. I may have been wrong on that account but Albion cafe is still a little gem I didn't know existed in Shoreditch that I'm going to be returning to.


Being a bakery-cum-cafe, the smell of fresh bread hits you when you walk in which, to be honest, was the moment I was sold. You're surrounded by fresh loaves, and you leave behind fresh market produce as you come through the door. And being an advocate of healthier eating i.e. less sugar and dairy, they had the finest cakes and specialist food around.

That was for another day though and I went for a delicious 'super green frittata' and green tea. To say it was delicious, filling and so healthy is barely selling it. And you couldn't help but have food envy when looking at sweet potato hashes, or slices of wholegrain toast coming out in little baking tins.

You don't feel rushed here and you're surrounded by people lazily brunching and knowing there are some little treats you can pick up on your way out, means it's one of the nicest ways to spend your lazy Sunday mornings in East London.