100ml beauty essentials

Everyone gets excited by little miniature toiletries as it can only mean holidays! But it can be hard to pack when going on a beach vacation, as you can't take a lot but you don't want to be caught unawares, so these are the little holiday beauty essentials I've been hoarding for my trip to Corfu in a few weeks.

The obvious that you should never forget such as toothbrush and razors are thrown in, and never forget the kirby grips: little saviours that I never seem to be able to find abroad!? But don't forget the rest of the beauty essentials to add to your little bag of joy. I always make sure they're under 100ml so I can take it on the plane with me: there's nothing worse than your baggage getting lost and you having nothing with you.


Shower essentials:

Whoever say's they don't get excited by mini toiletries is lying, as everything is better in small form (also see: chocolates and jewellery). But despite my normal regime requiring about 100 bottles of lotions and potions, it's super easy to whittle it down to the essentials. The mini Original Source Mint and Tea Tree I nabbed at the recent Colour Run and the minty smell is my favourite out of all of them. And my mini Tresemme 24 Hour Body shampoo is my little treat when on holiday to protect my hair. Add in a disposable razor (I ain't risking my normal one bro) and you're there! (I normally have a mini conditioner but I'm still trying to decide on a good one to get to really protect my hair. Any suggestions?





Beauty essentials

I try and let my face breathe as much as possible, as it's not only a good excuse to go free for a bit, but it also ends up just sliding off your face. So I only pack the bare minimum for when you do go on that night out and don't want to scare the local boys. The Balance Me BB cream is great for a subtle amount of coverage just to even up your skin tone, and woop, it's even got SPF in it so you don't have to grease your face up with suncream! Double whammy. This Eyeko Waterproof Mascara I was given during my stint at Women's Health and being 'lifeproof' should hopefully stay on at the pool, along with my favourite new Make Up For Ever Graphic Eyeliner.


The bare essentials:

You can't forget the essentials that should really be with you all of the time anyway. From kirby grips (in this perfect little case from Forever21) and toothbrushes, to painkillers for that dreaded headache (*cough* hangover from too much sangria *cough*) you're all sorted for the perfect holiday trip! Pop them all in a super cute make up bag, such as this one from Lola and Gilbert bag and au revoir!


Is there anything else you just can't go on holiday without?