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Paradise in Peace: 24 hours in Hvar Town, Croatia

Travelling off season has its ups and downs: something definitely experienced in Hvar. Some of the famous bars and cafes may be closed but the silence and space to walk around the island isn’t something to be sniffed at as one of the most beautiful towns out of all the islands. So spending a day is easily done when exploring this gleaming bricked town. Continue Reading

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A day at the White Cliffs, Dover

I love London; I always knew I would and even now I can’t believe it’s my home. Sometimes, however, I get the urge to be outside of the busy and polluted lifestyle thanks to my Oxfordshire roots. With a close friend of mine currently living in Rochester, it made sense to leave the capital and venture outside, and where better for fresh air than the beautiful cliffs of Dover? Continue Reading

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3 best brunch spots in Manchester

EDIT: I wrote this post a while ago, last month in fact after heading up to the beautiful, vibrant city to meet friends. I had it scheduled this week and thought to remove it in light of recent events but then realised, no. Manchester is still a great place, full of kind people (more than any other place I’ve experienced in the UK) and still a wonderful place to travel to. So I’m going to post this because I had an amazing time in the warm city, eating my way through locally created and lovingly built cafes, from Brits to Aussies that are welcomed in the city, and I hope it inspires people to go and experience the place for themselves be it the first time or the fiftieth time. I also hope you enjoy it and can feel the love that I felt when I was there. And hey, nothing can stop us Brits from brunching and carrying on with our day as we power on and don’t let fear stop us doing what we love with people we love.)

I’ve heard Manchester be called the ‘Shoreditch of the North’. When I think of Shoreditch, I think of a modern place with forward-thinking people, as well as some of the most exciting and new places to eat. Manchester is definitely all that, especially when it comes to finding the perfect place for brunch.

Continue Reading