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The Book Review: Lucy Vine ‘Hot Mess’

One thing I’ve learnt as I’ve become older is that not one person has their shit together.

Even your parents still feel like teenagers and are winging it when it comes to making life decisions. As is that girl who seems to be travelling to a different country every week, or the couple who have just bought their first house, or even your mate who just got an awesome promotion. Continue Reading

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The Book Review: Daisy Buchanan ‘How To Be A Grown Up’

All of the women I admire in their writing vary from publication to publication: Bryony Gordon at Telegraph, Caitlin Moran at Times, Laura Jane Williams at Grazia, as well as old colleagues from Cosmopolitan such as Sophie Goddard and Jennifer Savin. So when Daisy Buchanan, another favourite of mine, released her debut novel How To Be A Grown Up, it was instantly on my bedside table ready for a read. Continue Reading

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The Book Review: Sarah Waters ‘The Paying Guests’

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything that I felt has really worked my brain since university, so when I was asked to be a part of  the Waterstones Book Club, I felt it was time, nearly two years later, to get back into the analysing mind frame. And one day, what with wanting my own book club of women where wine and nibbles are free flowing, where better than to get into practice with respected writer Sarah Waters new novel, The Paying Guest? Continue Reading

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The top three books for easy holiday reading

I worry that people will one day stop taking books on holiday in favour of the kindle, giving you endless amounts of reading material for only a small thing. But you can never get that feeling of holding a book as you float on a lilo, or getting it smeared with sun tan lotion as it goes wrinkly so that the next time you read it, it reminds you of your last holiday. Continue Reading

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The Book Review: Caitlin Moran ‘How To Be A Woman’

If someone ever asks if I’m a feminist, I never hesitate to say ‘of course’. I don’t understand how you can’t be a feminist this day and age, man or woman because you’re essentially saying ‘no I don’t want women to have equal rights, equal pay and to not be raped’. And with the rise of the modern feminism; away from the bra burning and discrimination just for having a vagina, I felt it was time to read around the topic.

So this is The Feminist Review. Books that are coming to light to explain why feminism is still so bloody important nowadays and how it is coming to be redefined. And who better to start with than the iconic Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. Continue Reading