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The Book Review: Lucy Vine ‘Hot Mess’

One thing I’ve learnt as I’ve become older is that not one person has their shit together.

Even your parents still feel like teenagers and are winging it when it comes to making life decisions. As is that girl who seems to be travelling to a different country every week, or the couple who have just bought their first house, or even your mate who just got an awesome promotion. Continue Reading

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The Book Review: Daisy Buchanan ‘How To Be A Grown Up’

All of the women I admire in their writing vary from publication to publication: Bryony Gordon at Telegraph, Caitlin Moran at Times, Laura Jane Williams at Grazia, as well as old colleagues from Cosmopolitan such as Sophie Goddard and Jennifer Savin. So when Daisy Buchanan, another favourite of mine, released her debut novel How To Be A Grown Up, it was instantly on my bedside table ready for a read. Continue Reading

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How to travel a week with just hand luggage

As flights get cheaper, we all love the thought of being able to travel to some far away place for under £20, which is completely doable. However, we always forget about that little extra charge of baggage which can sometimes triple your flight if you’re not careful. Now I only ever travel with hand luggage to save on any rising costs. Continue Reading

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Learning to be #JustMeFirst with Amanda Dicker, The Chapel Salon

On a stressful Monday in January, I received an e-mail inviting me to the launch of The Chapel Salon founder Amanda Dicker’s new lifestyle launch. I happily accepted and thought nothing else of it apart from another fun evening with canapes and learning about some new products. Yet instead, I came away feeling so close to this small group of women, feeling inspired and motivated by their outlooks on life.  Continue Reading

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#Sweatlife Festival with Lululemon

I’m a sucker for a boutique gym class, just not how much they cost. So what better way to spend a Saturday doing a ridiculous amount of boutique gym classes for a quarter of the price? Signing up to the Lululemon #Sweatlife festival was exactly this and where I spent last week in Tobacco Dock. Continue Reading

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The European Festivals every young woman should go to

Everyone has been to a festival, be it the great muddiness that is Glastonbury, or the glittered up Lovebox. However, it’s only when you leave the UK that the festivals really get good. Exploring a new festival as well as a new city is the perfect way to spend a summer. Here are some of the best ones that should be considered when it comes to the best years of your life with music, crazy people and different cultures.  Continue Reading