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Dubai: A Fashion Diary

Five days in five star resorts in Dubai called for a whole fashion overhaul, so thank god for ASOS next day deliveries is all I can say.

It’s hard to know what to wear in Dubai as you have to not be overtly flashing the flesh for when you have to get in taxis, but then you go to beautiful hotels and bars where people are wearing stunning yet form-fitting dresses. Continue Reading

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A 70’s summer at Reiss SS16 collection

Yesterday I was lucky enough to explore the Reiss SS16 collection, which I was really excited to see as I fell in love with pretty much every piece from their AW15 collection. And they’re one of the high end of high street which keeps great quality with on-trend pieces, whilst others always fail on one of these I find.

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Summer bikini lovin’

Aren’t all holidays for lounging in a pretty summer bikini and flirting with Greek bartenders for free drinks? With a week of tanning, pumping tunes from the bar and downing strong Sex on the Beaches that made us woozy by 2pm, I think we nailed the ‘what to do on holiday’ memo. Continue Reading

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Cooking like a local with Old El Paso and Kimberly Wyatt

Ever since I first left the UK to travel at 18 years old, travelling was definitely a part of what I loved to do the most. The culture, the food, the locals, the markets; I’m so lucky to have been to so many places from Europe, to Asia, to America. And the next place to pin down is South America. Having a job and a flat means this may be a way off for now but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a bit of Mexican in my life which is how I ended up spending my evening with Old El Paso at Food at 52 with Masterchef winner and Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt.

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August fashion events

Every so often, there always seems to be a month where there is a ridiculous amount of fashion events going on, where my diary gets rammed with things I really want to see. So you lucky things, I’ve rounded up the best August fashion events in London!

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