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Hotel Jason in Corfu, Greece

I’ve never been on a package holiday before; I much prefer to scout everything out myself regarding prices and flights. Instead of the usual Maga trip when I was 18, I instead Inter-Railed around 10 countries with my five best friends. However, after needing a much-deserved break from interning last year, I decided to check out what I could get on the cheap that was hot and beautiful.

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Fashion Greece Outfits

Summer bikini lovin’

Aren’t all holidays for lounging in a pretty summer bikini and flirting with Greek bartenders for free drinks? With a week of tanning, pumping tunes from the bar and downing strong Sex on the Beaches that made us woozy by 2pm, I think we nailed the ‘what to do on holiday’ memo. Continue Reading

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Experiencing the Greek cuisine in Corfu

It’s raining and miserable in London and I’m reminiscing about when I was in Greece earlier this year, in beautiful weather and nothing to do. And no matter where I am on holiday, I truly believe you should try and eat the local food as much as possible (especially for research and writing purposes). Continue Reading

Fashion Greece Outfits

All Blue Everything

As the evenings roll in in Greece, the perfect staying-cool holiday fashion is the oversized boyfriend shirt. Chuck it over a bikini or tuck it into shorts, it’s the most versatile piece you can take on holiday when you need to cover up. Continue Reading

Fashion Greece Outfits

Orange is my New Black

You know when you see a backdrop that would be perfect for a photo op? Maybe only for nerdy photographers and writers but the bright oranges of Corfu Old Town meant I blended in like a very sweaty chameleon. And of course dragged my beautifully kind photographer for the day over to it. Continue Reading