Lunch dates at The Trading House, London

Working in the city brings a multitude of bars and restaurants to try out, however, I recently headed to The Trading House at Bank to catch a quick lunch before work.

The first thing to notice upon walking in is the grandeur of the place; the Grade II-listed building used to actually be the Bank of New Zealand. It has been created inside to inspire the feeling of a Victorian building for the intrepid exploring, with globes and antique books scattered around to incite eccentricity and adventure. The staff are more than happy to talk to you about the place and even pointed out the interior balcony with fairy lights galore (because I’m a sucker for fairy lights). Whilst it can appear slightly dark and overwhelming, the tall ceilings prevent it from feeling too morose.

The menu boasts a huge amount of foods for the lunch and dinner menu, and a cocktail menu to get excited about with the amount of choice on offer. The mojitos are definitely one to recommend and went down way too quickly…

Starters, whilst nothing bizarre or out of the ordinary, still bring exactly what you’d want to a plate; the pate was rich and buttery whilst the Scotch egg (always my weakness) was delectably runny and orange. The mains were a somewhat theatrical event, with the famous ‘hanging kebabs’, where the kebab is, funnily enough, hung by a rod, only for garlic butter to be dripped down it onto the chips below. Whilst tasty, nothing stood out to us as the steak was also tasty but nothing to blow you out of the water.

The food was pretty amazing however if short on time, it’s not a place to try; for two courses, we were there for nearly two hours with it taking a good amount of time for the main to come. If time for a leisurely meal then it is definitely a great choice; if not then you will be chowing down pretty quickly by the end.

It’s location and interior sell itself, as well as the popularity of the place as the evening settles in; for these alone, I would head back here. Just next time I’ll give myself some more time to actually get around to trying the desert…

Thanks to the team for inviting us to try it out!

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