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6 of the best places for a ‘fika’ coffee in Gothenburg

Have you heard of ‘fika’? In Sweden, it’s encouraged to take a 4pm coffee break to catch up with friends and family, also known as fika. Alongside the famous ‘hygge’ (a feeling relating to cosiness and relaxation), the Swedes know how to do life right. So for the best bit of ‘fika’ and ‘hygge’, I found the best cafes in Gothenburg to lose a few hours in.

1. TheKitchen

Skanstorget 1, 411 22 Göteborg, Sweden

Tucked away from the main town, TheKitchen is on the road leading down to the famous Slottsskogen Park. The cosy cafe has no more than 10 tables, both at the front and upstairs with kitsch white furniture and bunting. They have the usual salads and snacks, but I recommend their smoothie bowl to accompany your morning coffee. Sweet, cinnamony and filling, it’s a fresh breakfast to start the day with and looks oh so delectable. And with super friendly staff who are happy to chat, where better than a morning spent?
img_5280 img_5283 img_5286 img_5287

2. Caféva

Haga Nygata 5E, 413 01 Göteborg, Sweden

The usual nordic buffet breakfast is done slightly differently here. Whilst giving the great options of tea/coffee/orange juice and standard cheese roll, they have an amazing muesli porridge with the choice of apple sauce or fruit jam. The nutty texture is a welcome change and is another cafe that is lovingly dated with dark wooden interior. And also a choice of outdoor sitting for prime people watching).img_4939 img_4937 img_4940 img_4942

3.  Le Petit Cafe


Haga Nygata 2, 413 01 Göteborg, Sweden

Whilst slightly reluctant to add this due to the rude reception, it’s hard to ignore the popularity of the cafe. The buffet breakfast comes with a tea or coffee, berry smoothie, bread roll, the usual delicious blueberry scone and yoghurt which you can add on with fruit, muesli, nuts and seeds. At weekends they bump prices up but the quirky decorations and heart shaped bowl make this place one to visit.


4. Vallgatan 12

Vallgatan 12, 411 16 Göteborg, Sweden

If you need a coffee, some body lotion and a chic new outfit all in one then Vallgatan 12 is the one to go to. With a wall and ceiling completely decorated with plant-life, it feels less coffee shop and more greenhouse. And with kind baristas who let me off with being a couple of kroner short and a deliciously brewed coffee, you can have a drink whilst browsing some chic fashion and interior labels alongside.

img_5225 img_5214 img_5216 img_5217

 5. Kale’i cafe

Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg, Sweden

As my favourite stop along the way, Kale’i is in the main city yet tucked down a side street. It’s open doors and brickwork make it an Instagram dream, with cacti and copper detailing galore. What really amazed me was the coffee they prided themselves on. Their milk was locally sourced, they weighed out all of their coffee, and had beautiful latte art. Even if mine didn’t, but it was a trainee so could hardly be mad. However it’s the blackberry crumble in the authentic ceramic pots that need to be tried to be believed. Despite just having breakfast, it barely touched the side with the vanilla pod ice cream being a welcome addition.
img_4946 img_4959 img_4955 img_4978 img_4979

6. Da Matteo

Södra Larmgatan 14, 411 16 Göteborg, Sweden

This coffee chain is scattered throughout the city, with the larger one looking out onto the main square in the shopping district. However it was the friendliest cafes, talking about where I was from and why I was in Gothenburg. As well as giving a varied selection of coffees and cinnamon treats (judging by the smells from behind the counter). Inside it has a gorgeous interior; all brickwork and metallic industrial machines. It’s best to head outside into the courtyard for some sun and people watching.

img_5200 img_4739 img_4740 img_4744 img_4747 img_4748 img_4761

+ Rada Gelato

Landsvägsgatan 36, 413 04 Göteborg, Sweden

So it’s not a coffee but this delectable ice cream shop is a treat not to be missed. Starting from 30kr for two scoops, they have fun flavours such as cheesecake, rhubarb or peanut butter. My rich chocolate and pistachio was creamy enough that you won’t be hesitating to go up for a second one. Just don’t be too late in the day or they’ll have nothing left!

img_4776 img_5261img_5254 img_5260img_5251img_5263 img_5266

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  • Reply
    March 6, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Any addresses, or at least location (cross streets/squares) for these places? #2 and #4 aren’t on google maps, and I can’t seem to find info about them via Google search engine either.

    • Reply
      March 7, 2017 at 5:01 pm

      Number 2 is called Caféva and it’s located at Haga nygata. Number 4 is called Vallgatan 12, and it’s located at the same adress as the name os the store/café.

      • Reply
        March 7, 2017 at 5:56 pm

        Thank you, Anna! Now I have found them, so that I can go visit them sometime soon 🙂

        • Reply
          March 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

          Hope you have a fab time!

  • Reply
    March 7, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    The names are spelled wrong so it could be hard to find them. You find Le petit at several different places. Number 4 is called Vallgatan 12. The name of number 5 is Kale’i, number 6 is called Da Matteo and the last one Råda gelato. And there are several more! Hope you will have a great stay!

    • Reply
      March 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

      Thanks for letting me know! Changed them now so people can find them in the future.

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